n moments of community crisis there are countless opportunities for extraordinary response. Opportunities, which at their core, are made up of immeasurable human instinct, courage and action void of hesitation.

Opportunity – seize it.

One single tweet brought a crushing blow to my heart with the news of “8 dead community members” on the morning after a night’s tornadic fury. Never could I have foreseen how this would present an opportunity so armed with people ready to conquer the world (ok, our community). It even proved to possess more momentum than the “most organized” local organizations. The opportunity was simply a response of action in the midst community crisis – a powerful and organic response. It was not a thought-out response from board rooms, coffee shops, and in no way was it grounded in research. “Retreat!” was not an option that morning after instinct and courage took control of a few of us. These two elements made it possible to seize the opportunity. When there is opportunity to be seized, do it then! Remember, in most situations, crisis response didn’t fail because someone acted too early. It usually fails because someone acted too late.

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